10 Christmas Gifts for the Traveller in Your Life

Stuck for ideas when it comes to getting the traveller in your life a little Christmas treat?  Here are my top 10 ides for 2015…  If you want more details or a secure place to buy (through amazon) just click the pictures. I have given an idea of prices, which were correct when I wrote this – check the listing for up to date prices.

Luckies Travel Scratch Map


Everyone likes to be able to keep track of all the places which they have travelled to, and this is by far the most fun and aesthetically pleasing way to do so.  The countries can be a little fiddly but it’s pretty good for the price… and its even splash proof in case they take it with them on holiday (in the handy travel tube) and decide to scratch it off in the bar!


Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2016


Lonely Planet are well known for producing top quality guide books – generally for specific locations which give you a great quick guide to the area you are visiting.  This is perfect if you know where you are going, but for those who need a little more inspiration this guide highlights some of the worlds top travel locations…  Its in its 11th edition, so you know it must be good!  Even better is the fact that there’s things for all price ranges in here making it suitable for any traveller.


TravelJohn Disposable Urinal


When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, and lets face it you might be on a road trip where toilets are less than abundant (Iceland comes to mind) & something like this might help – especially as it has gel crystals inside which soak up your pee…  Plus its suitable for males and females or all ages.  I will be honest though, this is more of a joke present because if you’re in a situation where you’re happy to publicly pee in a bag, how many of us would just choose the floor?


747 Things To Do On a Plane


No one can deny that the flight is tied for the most boring part of the trip (and it is tied with the wait in the airport)…  The point of this particular book is to give you ideas on how to make that journey fly by rather than being that necessary evil at the start of the holiday to get tension high before you even get to your destination, or the ending which always put that inevitable downer on your return to reality.  Apparently there’s a lot more to taking a flight than just eating peanuts, going to the toilet and enjoying the inflight movies.

GoPro HERO4 Action Camera


Perhaps the traveller in your life likes to record all of their adventures and you love tem enough to splash a ton of cash on them?  If that’s the case, everyone loves the worlds most popular action camera…  It stands up against rough terrain, water, dust, being dropped and even being taken away by birds and monkeys if YouTube is to be believed!

Compact Travel Journal


Believe it or not people do still keep journals…  and not just on their tablets and smart phones, a lot of people can still appreciate the existence of paper!  Especially if you’ve got someone who is going travelling, and their memory is not quite like it used to be, this is a great way to ensure that when they get back you actually hear what happened…  Not what they think might have happened!  You never know, the things they write may one day become a best selling travel book, or jog their memories when putting together a travel blog!

Monopoly Deal Card Game


Everyone knows that when families and friends get together you can easily waste  good few hours playing monopoly, but who wants to cart around a board game for the departure lounge?  Games take on average just 10 – 15 minutes and are super fun so you can fit loads in, and before you know it – its time to get on the plane!

ChannelGoods Mini GPS Keyring


Want people to be able to know exactly where they are (well, to within 10 meters), or be able to tell what altitude they are at?  It will certainly make it harder for your loved one to get completely lost, but if nothing else its a quite a fun key ring which can even tell you travel speed and duration… One for the gadget loving traveller!

Ultra Compact Selfie Stick


The selfie has gone well beyond the latest fad, and now everyone is doing it!  To be honest for a long time we have taken photos of ourselves but now you no longer need to find a steady surface and set up your cameras timer, or ask a stranger to hold your valuable camera or phone…  With a selfie stick you can get a much broader view of the area around you – help that special some one get the perfect holiday pics – perfect for solo travellers and couples alike!

An Idiot Abroad Series 1 – 3


Especially series 1 will leave any traveller finding any number of events and feelings which they will find very familiar indeed and I think this is what makes this programme so great…  It is kind of travel documentary but carried out by a man who seems to have no interest in doing such a documentary – which means you end up with a very real idea of what travel can be like – its wish you were here without all the fake bits!



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