5 Places to Eat in North Adelaide

From North Adelaide it is quite a walk in to the central business district where most of the restaurants seem to be, however there are plenty of great places to eat without having to wander all the way in to town, if you’re staying in the north.  In fact if you are staying in the city it’s worth having a wander out to North Adelaide…  Especially as all of the places you can enjoy an amazing meal or tasty snack can be found on the same street!

1 – The bakery on o’connel

At our hotel reception they told us that just up the road was a 24 hr bakery… I’d never heard of such a thing and wondered whether they could actually be busy enough to be baking and serving all day, every day…  The answer is yes!we went in there on a few occasions and we were never alone…  In the late evening in particular it can get really busy with queues out of the door.

Their Nutella and macadamia cronut is difficult to eat but incredible, they have some great croissants which go well with cheese, their bombs (both jam and Nutella) are great as a snack before bed or the next morning, and their cronut cones are huge!  I really can’t say a bad thing about these guys who keep their delicious treats churning out for anyone, no matter what time of day or night they crave a sweet cake or savoury pie!

Food in North Adelaide

2 – Saigon Gate

We paid less than $50 for 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 drinks, which makes this easily one of the cheapest meals we had in Australia, and we didn’t even have to compromise on taste!

The noodle dishes are pretty big so if you have a starter one noodle main may be enough to share with a small side between 2 people…  We didn’t finish our teriyaki chicken noodles and pad Thai…  Their satay chicken starter by the way is very good.

It’s not a huge place so the only thing that maybe lets them down a little is speed of service especially when there are just 2 of you and they have some big money tables to look after…  But comparing this to the price and flavours it wouldn’t stop me going back.

3 – Beyond India

If you look at the front of their menu they have won or been finalists of the Adelaide Indian food awards for god knows how many years…  And it’s not hard to see why!

Their food is packed full of punchy flavours, and even though some of their dishes are hotter than I would expect them to be in the UK, the amount of flavour they can pile in to a simple piece of chicken is incredible!  We didn’t have anything which didn’t taste good, including the rice, naan bread and even the free poppadoms (although I’m fairly sure these were just out of the packet and just tasted great as they were free).

Food in North Adelaide

Service was pretty quick, and I always like a restaurant where the kitchen is open for everyone to see the chefs getting busy… And this one was super clean, so in all respects, hats off to them, and if you like Indian food and are staying in Adelaide, why not head over to the best the city has to offer?

The Chuck Wagon Burgernator4 – The chuck wagon

What drew us in to this place was the décor!  If I had a burger place I think it would look a lot like this… Action figures, metal statues and old movie posters adorn the walls whilst the bar and surroundings have teenage mutant ninja turtles murals on them!

We had a feeling that the food would be good here as it gave off a really good vibe, and we weren’t wrong.  Their burgers are really good with a variety of different types, along with a challenge one (as well as a spicy wings challenge), and they come with very nice fries, whilst their super crisp onion rings are some of the best I have had.

They have a pretty well stocked bar and their menu has some awesome super hero themed cocktails…  I had the hulk, which of course was a bright green concoction which tasted great with a refreshing Apple kick.

Due to being just down e road from the bakery and having got quite bad indigestion from the cocktail – not their fault, sour apple booze does that to me some times, we didn’t eat dessert here but they do look great, and after seeing one of their milkshakes I did wish I’d ordered one!

5  – The curious squire

If you enjoy reading about my huge passion for burgers you will have noticed this name a couple of times in my last entry about the best burgers in the world…  Had I been here 6 months ago they would have topped the list of my favourite 10 burgers (and now unofficially top it).

Their burgers are big and juicy, being packed full of flavour, but they are also well known for their home bbq and smoked meats.  Their pulled pork is quite salty but loaded with sweet bbq sauce and cooked to melt in your mouth perfection!

Food in North Adelaide

I would easily rate this as one of my favourite restaurants in the world, and not only because of the food, it has a lot more going for it too!  The beers a really good, I highly recommend the pear cider and one fifty lashes beer…  And to top it off the staff and surroundings combine to make a really fun, cool, relaxed and friendly atmosphere amongst their patrons too.  If I lived in Adelaide I think I’d be even fatter than I am because of this amazing place!

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