A Couple of Days in Sydney

Sydney is probably the most iconic of Australia’s cities, at least for people living outside of Australia…  To the point where many non Australians actually think that Sydney is the capital of Australia – although this is in fact Canberra.

As part of an almost 3 week trip to Australia we had to of course fit in a trip to Sydney.

Koi Desert Bar

Arriving late in the afternoon – or arvo as the Aussies say, we grabbed some dinner at the ever good and ever readily available McDonald’s, before heading over to koi dessert bar to wash down a Big Mac and triple (yes that’s right) cheese burger with something sweet.  Well worth the half an hour walk from our hotel for the next couple of nights, the Sydney boulevard hotel.

We didn’t do too much in the city this afternoon and early evening, but found it really easy to get around, organised in a fairly neat grid pattern, very much like New York…  To be honest much of the city felt like Australia’s answer to the big apple.  However the reason for not getting too busy is that we wanted to see what wildlife lurks just outside the city (besides the lorikeets and ibis which poo all over the sidewalks along the cities parks), in the form of some night time herping…  If you don’t like herping and prefer shopping we headed through the world square shopping centre on our way back to the hotel…  It’s not for us but there are certainly plenty of places to get rid of your cash in here!

Field Herping Australia

The first full day was an early one…  Just what you want after a late sweaty night looking for reptiles and amphibians!  This was another wildlife morning but with a much higher guarantee of seeing something!  The first activity was a trip to wildlife Sydney, a gorgeous indoor wildlife attraction, before heading next door to the sea life Sydney aquarium…  Both of these are located in the very impressive darling harbour area.  On their own these attractions are a bit pricey (at least by British standards), however if you do 2 or 3 of them (this deal also includes the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum next door as all 3 are marlin attractions), the price becomes rally cheap and you don’t even need to do all 3 on the same day.


Later in the afternoon there was the chance to do what you have to do whilst in Sydney… Go take a selfie with the opera house and / or harbor bridge in the background, depending on where you are.  From circular quay, where they are both located you will struggle to get a decent photos of the two of them, especially as a selfie, but can get great shots of each one separately.  I must admit that they are actually both more impressive and worth seeing than I thought they would be.

Gelato tesoroWhilst there and after such a long walk from darling harbour it was time to enjoy a nice gelato by the waters edge, so we stopped in at Gelato Tesoro!

A previously un planned but well worth while activity was a jet boat tour of the harbour….  We chose the fastest boat in the area…  But sadly it was also the safest and only one where you didn’t need a life jacket and didn’t get wet…  It was good fun but the danger element of the others was lacking and as such probably could have been more fun.

Dinner is really not hard to find in Sydney however we had seen them setting up a food and wine festival the previous night in Hyde park – which by the way is a gorgeous park and great way point when navigating around the city.

On the last day to ensure that you can really fit everything in to a couple of days in Sydney, there were 2 must do activities left.  The first was a trip to the Australia museum, which is perfectly located less than 5 minutes walk if you stay at the Sydney boulevard hotel.  Learn a bit about animals, indigenous peoples of Australia, dinosaurs, other cultures, the planet and more in a really well laid out and maintained museum.

Secondly, a trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of the nicest zoos I have seen in the world in my opinion, taronga!  They have both local and exotic species which people want to see, it’s well planted & maintained as well as affording amazing views of the city…  You wanted a selfie with the opera house and bridge? How about if you could fit a giraffe in the same photo as well?


And so a whirlwind tour of Sydney comes to an end with an early flight the next day leaving just enough time to finish the last day on style, with a smorgasbord of meats on offer at the incredible churrasco, also just down the road from the Sydney boulevard hotel.

If you’re ever in Australia I would say that Sydney is a must see destination, purely because of how well known it is…  There are quite a few little gems to visit, as you can see above, and to be honest there is pretty much some thing for every one and any one!  However do I think it’s a particularly stunning or amazing location?…. In some places yes, but in general I visited much nicer places in Australia, and whilst in this amazing country I’d certainly recommend venturing outside this city!

It’s a funny place which I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a few days in…  Australia has so much more to offer if you’re happy to venture further afield!

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