About This Travel Blog

This travel blog is a collection of my own experiences during travel both for work and pleasure, giving my personal insights in to the local attractions, hotels, restaurants and contact with both locals and fellow travelers.  Any details I give are what I believe to have been correct at the time of experiencing them myself, however what I personally think is the key to successful travels is to do your research.  As such if you want to pursue anything which I have written yourself, please do check with the operator of the tour, attraction, hotel etc. first.

Keep Travel Personal

It is very important to me that every single experience, photo, video or sound file etc in this article are my own and the only time this may differ is with product reviews where manufacturers images may show more detail.  Some times this will mean that photos may not be the absolute best quality but they still capture perfectly that moment in time for me!  However now that I have started to record my travels in this manner I hope to provide you with images of higher quality and in higher doses…  This blog will now be always in the back of my mind while travelling around and seeing new places & people.

Bako National Park with Travelsphere

Plan Ahead

A lot of people enjoy going abroad without any real plans about what they will do whilst out there – however I am very much of the school of thought which says plan as much as you can and leave yourself some time for exploring (however make sure you always give yourself a chance to explore)…

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. – Martin Buber

Not only does it cut down the chance of something going wrong but often you will find that you can find some great deals online before you even leave your country!  However everyone is different and I invite you to use this blog however works best for you, and hope that I can inspire you to broaden your horizons and expand your mind!

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