Breakfast, Lunch ‘n’ Dinner Near Emory Uni

Breakfast – Rise ‘n’ Dine

This appropriately named breakfast eatery serves up some delicious treats to set you up for the rest of your day – whether it be work, getting off to uni or enjoying the sights in the area.  I had a simple breakfast of French Toast – lets face it, you cant really go wrong when you order a French Toast breakfast!

Atlanta Food

This one was no different – the bread was ridiculously thick (which isn’t a bad thing by the way) and packed full of flavour.  Dusted with icing sugar, all it needed was some of their pancake syrup (you can pay extra for maple syrup, but the pancake syrup is delicious enough as it is.  They also gave you some butter, which I have never put on French Toast before, but hey, “When in Rome” and all that!  Man it was delicious, and well worth adding to the breakfast!

The coffee is also delicious – I usually have a ton of sugar in mine but the cafe au lait, didn’t need anything extra in there.

Finally your tasty breakfast experience is finished off by service with a smile in a relaxed and clean environment!

Atlanta Food

Now for a couple of Dives…

If you want to have dinner whilst staying at or spending a little time at the Emory University campus…  There are a couple of “dives” which are well worth visiting for some delicious food.  In the UK we don’t really use the name dive (and if you did, it would NOT be a good thing), but everyone I was with described these two choices as such, and did so in a loving and appreciative way, and I must say, they’d fit in perfectly on the show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”.

Lunch – Dave’s Cosmic Subs

I had lunch here and had what was described as the best club…  They weren’t wrong!

The bread is delicious and is even available as gluten free – but best of all it is stuffed FULL of ingredients.  You have turkey, bacon, salad and their special sauce, topped with a heap of cheese.  It is served warm and I assume heated up under a grill which gave the edges of the bread a really nice little char!

The restaurant itself is also really cool, decorated in a great style with walls covered by menus, posters and scribbles on the wall…  It’s nothing fancy but that’s a huge part of the charm here…  Even down to the banter of the staff and calling peoples names over a microphone…  yeah it was busy enough – proof that this is a great little place!

Atlanta Food

Dinner – Community Q BBQ

Yet another “dive” which is well worth visiting…  This is where I enjoyed my dinner.  The décor looks out dated but really works in the space and with the food they serve…  But then other things are a little more quirky and fun, especially for kids.  For example there are a bunch of squeaky pig dog toys on the counter which the kids all seemed to love running around with.  For me the best thing was a PETA sticker on the wall, although in this instance it stood for “People Eating Tasty Animals”, which I think is a much better use of the acronym.

I ate the sliced beef brisket sandwich, which was incredible – the meat melts in your mouth, but you NEED to cover it in their sweet traditional sauce (the red one) to really make the barbecue meats pop!  I would recommend however eating a bit of the meat off the sandwich to firstly get the gorgeous flavour, but secondly make eating the other half or so on the sandwich with the bread (which seem to be heated in butter to add some great flavours) to get the full effect!

The sides I chose were the mac ‘n’ cheese – which is absolutely stunning and their collards.  I don’t eat veg, unless it was made in the USA – this is a country where they really know how to pack flavour in to veggies…  Delicious!

Oh and the food is done and on your table within minutes…  super quick and friendly service.

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