British Airways Flight 35 (London to Chennai)

This was my first ever flight and the things i was most worried about were the take-off, landing and turbulence. To be honest all of these were pretty comfortable, as was the rest of the flight (although the amount of room you have doesn’t seem great). Even the check-in service was smooth and easy both in the UK and India. On this flight we opted for checking-in at the desk.

All of the flight attendants were very helpful which is something which can be a little hit and miss to be honest! They were well stocked with extra drinks and snacks, but did not come around often to serve these – you had to go to the galley at the back if you wanted anything outside meal times.

Speaking of meal times! Worst airline food I have eaten. The food was sloppy and flavourless so i have learned to always bring snacks on flights… Just in case I get meals this bad again. The weirdest thing were these little herbs and seeds individually covered in a sugar shell. Very strange and to be honest a terrible tasting alternative to breath mints, however I later found this to be a common after dinner addition during my time in India.

Dinners were (we had breakfast, lunch and dinner) interspersed with a chance to enjoy some inflight entertainment. The entertainment systems were some of the most dated or “well used” I have seen but this was a while ago and id hope they have updated by now. However being a big airline it is clear that they have a little extra cash to spare when it comes to supplying movies, of which they had a large and high quality selection.

Overall even though the flight was comfortable, it could have been a lot more enjoyable, but id certainly fly ba again.

Total Travel Time: 10 hrs 40 mins

Pitch Size:  plane-icon  plane-icon 

Food: plane-icon 

Check-In: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon

Entertainment: plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Overall: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon

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