Burgers of the World – Round 2!

Get ready for some seriously greasy food porn!

My very first blog post was a run down of my favourite 10 burgers from around the world…  I absolutely love a burger and I’ve eaten a fair few in my time, so it’s starting to get a bit difficult to remember exactly what I’ve eaten and how well they stand up against the others!  So I’ve decided to do another list of burgers from around the globe, and just to keep things even it’s going to be another 10, but in no particular order this time round…

The Curious Squire Juicy Lucy

1 – Juicy Lucy @ The Curious Squire, Adelaide

Excuse my French but holy crap!  I can’t think of a better way to describe this burger… It’s absolutely incredible, and huge too (it’s pretty much at the outer limit of what I can eat without having to deconstruct the thing)… & you know it’s good when you need to wash your hands after wards and then mop up everything which has dripped on to the plate.  It’s a super cheesy burger with a huge amount of meat and delicious sauces.  Without a shadow of a doubt this is the absolute best burger I have ever had… Anywhere in the world!  This is a special burger and not always available so keep your eye on the specials wall – if it’s up there, don’t be an idiot…  ORDER IT!

2 – Big Tasty @ McDonaldsThe Warrior at TGI

The big tasty seems to come around about 3 or 4 times each year and every time it does I really struggle to choose between it and the Big Mac!  I would say that the big mac is tastier, but you can get that all year round, so often I will choose the big tasty…  Whats best about it is the sauce, which is difficult to describe (just like the big mac sauce is a weird one to try and describe), but it has got quite a peppery kick to it…  It’s certainly a very savory burger!  The name serves it justice too as it is a very nice size, complete with red onion, sliced tomato and a pretty thick cheese slice…  One piece of advice – always upgrade to one with bacon of course!

3 – The Warrior @ TGI Fridays

This thing is a monster…  I almost felt ashamed by the fact that I had to deconstruct this burger a little get it in my mouth – something I haven’t done with a burger since I was about 6 and tried to eat a Big Mac!  However this really is a big burger complete with 14 ounces of beef (in 2 patties), grated cheese with melted american cheese on top, bacon, caramelized onions and 2 mozzarella dippers!  This burger made me decide that every burger should have mozzarella dippers in it – that’s the finishing touch that made this an amazing eat!

4 – Rad Chicken Burger @ Rad Burger

I had this burger at the Canterbury food festival (after we had already had some disappointing curry wurst) so I wasn’t really that hungry but these burgers looked incredible and I had to try it.  Firstly the chicken could be served as part of its own meal – it is probably the best blackened chicken I have ever eaten!

Rad Burger Stall

They then pile it up with rocket (a lettuce leaf I don’t usually like, but its peppery flavour work with this), chipotle mayo, pineapple and the crowning jewel – halloumi… another cheese based item I think should be on any burger!

5 – The Cow Boy @ Elsie Mo’s

Cow Boy at Elsie Mo's

This is just a straight up, no nonsense burger, with really well seasoned beef (x 2 of course – the single-decker one is the cow girl burger), just the right amount of cheese and some very tasty bacon…  It’s really nothing special or exotic but when you just want a nice tasty home made burger – this will certainly do!  Plus it comes with some really nice baked beans they do in-house too!

rad turkey burger6 – Rad Turkey Burger @ Rad Burger

The turkey burger, as you can guess is their Christmas burger, and  very nice one it is too.  The best things about turkey mince is that firstly it make a delicious burger but secondly that it’s much lower in fat than beef so you can enjoy this one without too much guilt.  Sadly when we went they had run out of caramelized onions which I think would have really set it off, but we did get double bacon, and lets face it, you can never have too much bacon…  It’s really well complimented by the sweet sauce they top it off with too!

7 – The Maverick @ Burger Bros, Deal

What a true American treat this thing is!  Really nice burger with jalapeno infused meat, pastrami, loads of cheese, onion, gherkins, mustard mayo and bourbon ketchup.  As you can see its a bit of a taste explosion and certainly one of the best burgers I have had.  When you get it delivered with other burgers it’s a bit confusing as they don’t put what’s what on the packaging, but other than that an all round awesome burger!

8 – Baconator @ The Curious Squire, Adelaide

The name says it all – this comes with lashings of bacon, and if there’s one thing you can never have enough of on a burger it’s bacon!  This is a nice sized burger and just like their juicy lucy it leaves your hands absolutely smothered in juices…  Part sauce and part meat juice!  YUM!  This is slightly smaller than the juicy lucy (although still a formidable burger) so I ordered it with a side of their mac & cheese – It works!

The Curious Squire Baconator

9 – Gourmet Burger @ The Gourmet Sausage & Burger Company

Their gourmet burger is absolutely huge (as a lunch time thing I actually didn’t even finish it, which I’m a bit embarrassed to say… I can eat a lot, but this is more of a dinner or after drinks burger), and considering this its price it’s ridiculously cheap!  The meat is beautifully home seasoned and there is some really nice thick cut bacon on there, both cooked fresh on the griddle.  The onions are really tender and then there is the cheese…  There’s tons of it and its melted on to the meat while its on the griddle, so the cheese that drips over the side and is then pushed back on top is one of The Chuck Wagon Burgernatorthe best bits of the burger!  Considering the amount of cheese they need to also melt it with a blow torch, which is a nice touch and adds a lot to the texture of the burger, but its done with gas and you do get that slightly gassy taste to it, which is a bit of a shame.

10 – Burgernator @ Chuck Wagon, Adelaide

Just to round off this particular top 10 (which should actually make up part of an un-ordered top 20), proof that Adelaide is one of the best places in the world for burgers!  3 separate burgers out of just 5 eateries we visited in this top 10 alone.  The burgernator is pretty big so does need breaking down a little – I recommend just taking out a couple of the onion rings out and eating them seperately – although make sure to leave 1 or 2 in as well, they add some nice flavour and as they are super crunch some great texture too!  If you ignore the massive size this is just a straight up tasty burger, and whilst I prefer a slightly larger and soft bun, this really works!  They also do a challenge burger and whilst I would often give it a go, I’d demolished a massive chocolate bar before coming here so didn’t want to go on the wall of shame!


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