China Southern Airlines Flight 304 (London to Ho Chi Minh City)

This flight was a huge surprise for me because it was significantly cheaper than anyone else for the flight between Heathrow and Ho Chi Minh city, so I had fairly low expectations.

Most cheap airlines have cramped seats but this was surprisingly roomy and each seat had access to one of the best entertainment consoles I have had on any flight. There was a large proportion of Chinese films but the selection of English speaking films was plentiful and pretty high calibre… Which is good because it is a fairly long way of getting to Vietnam. Along the same lines I had low expectations of the food, which was to be honest a little hit and miss, but at least it was fairly plentiful and they were good at keeping you hydrated.

The check-in procedure is pretty simple and on the way out I did the online check-in… A little hard to find on the website which I think needs updating, but effective. During check-in i was given the seats I requested while booking the flight through Expedia which was handy for the flight back as I did not get access to a computer in my hotel, but the staff at the airport were really helpful… If a little slow to open check-in (only 2 hours before the flight – I like plenty of time to eat and get ready before the flight).

One thing which really gives this airline credit with me was the transfer at Guangzhou airport… It is a nice place which is easy to get around, but most importantly on the way back we arrived there in the evening with a morning connecting flight. Rather than spending the night in the terminal the airline get you through customs and on to a bus in to the city for a complimentary stay in a hotel, with a shuttle service back in the morning.

We ended up at the conference center which us a gorgeous hotel but it’s a shame we were so far out if the city… Eating out would have been nice. We ate at the hotel in the evening (and had a quite frankly terrible free breakfast in a bag) and had a nice neutral club sandwich… You cant mess that up right? Wrong! The sandwich itself just didn’t have the right stuff in it, but most importantly next to it was melon, with a big blob of mayonnaise on top… What’s that all about? Which hotel you get is however luck if the draw… Ours was gorgeous but I have no idea what their other partners are like… Maybe they have some closer to the airport so you can sleep a little longer!

Total Travel Time: 16 hrs 20 mins +

Pitch Size:  plane-icon  plane-icon plane-icon

Food: plane-icon plane-icon

Check-In: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon

Entertainment: plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon 

Overall: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon

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