Delta Flight 29 (Heathrow to Atlanta)

Delta AirlinesI had booked a flight with delta before and we ended up flying on a Virgin Atlantic plane – very nice that was too! However, this time that was not to be – I actually went on a Delta Plane for the first time. I must say that the planes themselves are a step down from Virgin Atlantic!

The seats are pretty small with limited leg space, which is exacerbated by the bar under your seat which protrudes further than in most planes I have been on, so you end up with your feet quite far forwards. When you lean back you also end up having your knee in about the area of the arm rest of the seat in front, and if that goes up, the back comes straight down on your knee.
It’s pretty fair to say that this wasn’t a particularly comfortable flight, and to make things worse, I hate leather seats on planes… There’s nothing worse than sweaty buns for 8 hours!


The entertainment was a bit of a mixed bag if you ask me. On the one hand the selection was great – really varied and one of the most extensive I have seen. There were classic movies like When Harry Met Sally and Jurassic Park through to new releases such as the re-make of Point Break and Deadpool. There were also some selections from Showcase and HBO, on top of the general TV selection.

This once again had a good selection with Tree House Masters to Top Gear and Luther to the Muppets! I was really surprised to see no Big Bang Theory though! This has been a staple on just about every flight I have ever been on, so was weird to not see one of the biggest running sitcoms in that selection.

The main problem with the entertainment was however mainly the unresponsive, tiny screen you had to watch it on… Changing volume or pausing anything on there was a nightmare!


The service was great, and not only on the plane (where they are really quick at offering you snacks & drinks, taking your rubbish and getting the food out to everyone… Probably one of the most efficient crews I have ever seen during a flight), but also on the ground.

When you wait for a flight and they call up the kids and people who need help or extra time to get settled, the queue always suddenly becomes a royal rumble… Everyone has a set seat, so there is no need to rush – and refreshingly this is something Delta actually managed to control. When they called customers in zone one, they ONLY let through customers with zone one passes… Bravo!

Delta Airlines

Food and Drink

When you asked for a coke, you could either have a little sip or take the whole can… and it was a proper can too! This is probably the first flight where I got a full normal sized can of coke with a decent sized cup to put it in. This was just before the lunch, with another drink during lunch and then more afterwards… You certainly wouldn’t go thirsty on this flight.

The food came out with a pretty decent portion giving you a (sadly very bland) salad, brioche style roll, biscuits, crackers, cheese and I had the chicken which turned out to be a delicious parmesan chicken served with a fairly good risotto. This was just the main dinner, and I was expecting to probably get food twice on a flight of this length, however half way through they came out with some little snack boxes – not too much in these but filled a little hole! Finally an hour or so before we were due to land they came out again with what was actually a pretty good sun dried tomato and cheese panini! All in all I really can’t complain about the food and drink.

Overall this flight was made very pleasant by the staff – and even the emergency presentation at the start was made in a way which was actually enjoyable to watch, which was a breath of fresh air! It is just a shame that the plane they were working on just felt a little cramped and out dated to be honest – even the screens on China Southern Airlines are far better than those on this Delta flight.

Total Travel Time: 9 hrs 30 mins

Pitch Size:  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon  

Food: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Check-In: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Entertainment: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon  

Overall: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon  

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