Dinosaurs at the Fernbank Museum

I looked at the fernbank museum website and saw that they have the largest full articulated example of a gigantosaurus in their main gallery after you go in, as well as having some (admittedly gorgeous) statues out the front of the museum as part of a nice little fountain pool.  Naturally this left me very excited and looking forward to seeing them.  I had been warned before hand that it’s not “all that”, but dismissed this as these prospects were just too awesome sounding to pass up on.

Fernbank Museum

So I went, and I spent the $20 to get in…  and honestly I left again feeling pretty disappointed, after just 40 minutes.

Dinosaurs & Fossils

The fountain at the front is, as I had said, gorgeous and really set the museum up for great things, but then I saw the gigantosaurus…  Wow…  It is massive, but (and I probably should have known better) it was a reproduction, and to be honest I think the majority of the dinosaurs here were reproductions, and that most of the real fossils were the plant ones.

Fernbank Museum

I went through the Georgia through the ages exhibit and must admit that this was a really great educational exhibit, and it is obvious that kids really love seeing the mounted animals (which for the most part are pretty well done).  However, it is obvious that they are here for the dinosaurs and all look in awe at the t-rex and other models in this section.  Being able to get hands on with a reproduction dinosaur foot print was especially popular with kids.

Bioluminecense Special Exhibit

This is a subject which has often intrigued me, and I am a huge fan of many of the outlandish monsters of the deep, and light based natural phenomena, such as glow worms!  Seeing an exhibit about this subject was a real treat and must admit that I walked around it smiling like a child.

Fernbank Museum

It is very cleverly done without being super dark to the point where you cant see what you’re doings, and many of the exhibits were also fairly interactive….  Definitely worth seeing.

Culture Exhibits

When I went there were a few cultural exhibits such as a music one, which I didn’t really get to experience and enjoy properly due to the large number of kids in this exhibit at that time, and another was the reflection of cultures exhibit.  This was fairly interesting an mainly based around subjects of clothing and other body adornments, however it’s not very big and as such doesn’t take too long to get around.

In this exhibit in particular I think I would have loved to have seen some more unusual objects…  For example there was a model (or picture, I can’t quite remember) of a man with his back tattooed…  It would have been nice, next to him, to see examples of various tattoo equipment from different cultures…  All they had were various different hair pins, which was of no interest to me.

Overall it’s a fairly interesting exhibit, as long as you don’t expect to see a huge number of real (or even reproduction for that matter) fossils there and don’t mind spending $20 for a pretty short visit.  I think it would be much better if you go with kids as there is also another kids exhibit on the top floor which I didn’t go in on my own.

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