Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky team Lounge

When we travelled to Australia from London Heathrow terminal 4 we had the opportunity to use the Sky Team lounge, and this was our first ever use of an airport lounge…  I must admit that there’s no turning back from that point, and any flight now which isn’t preceded by an airport lounge, just won’t cut it any more!  It is nice to have the holiday experience really start as soon as you arrive at the airport!

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team Lounge

Most importantly for this little slice of relaxation and luxury is that the price is probably a lot lower than you would expect – If you’re thinking about getting something to eat, this probably won’t cost you that much more (£30 per person when we booked).  It is also really easy to book from Holiday Extras.

Peace & Quiet

This is THE most important factor which has brought me to this conclusion!  When you are in the main terminal there is endless noise, there are people rushing around bumping in to you and there are excited and / or tired kids either running around screaming or having a tantrum… whilst screaming.  At this lounge you simply don’t get that.  It is family friendly however because it is a much quieter and calmer environment every one just seems to be much better behaved.

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team Lounge

…And it really is a nice calm environment.  They have made a great effort to make it a brightly painted area with fairly nice mood lighting to give the perfect balance between light and ambiance.  A nice touch is the living wall as well which is set in to the structural wall, adding a little green – a touch of life to the surroundings.  Sure they could do with a little more watering on a regular basis as some areas weren’t as green as they could be, but in the sterile airport environment it really is a nice breath of fresh air.

Food & Drink

When ever we go to the airport we always make a point of eating there, and often this has been in the form of waiting to be seated at a restaurant, followed by waiting for someone to take your order and bring the food out.  Once you have eaten there is then even more waiting to pay – not great if you are trying to get a quick bite before the flight…  plus no one likes to wait longer than they need to!

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team Lounge

At the sky team lounge the food is presented in a buffet style, and is topped up and kept nice and fresh.  I had heard a lot about the food and half expected it to be dry and flavorless…  like many hotel buffets for example.  However, I was pleasantly surprised and the food as actually delicious… Especially the beef, which was some of the most tender meat I have ever eaten!

It’s not just mains though, as you can get a really varied selection of snacks, nibbles (including packets of peanuts), desserts and salads, so there are quite a few different options depending on your taste, eating habits and even allergies.

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team Lounge

Now to the drinks.  I thought there would be some soft drinks and maybe a few beers, however what I found were fridges stocked full of drinks cans, beers, racks of wines and even spirits…  All free for you to help yourself and make which ever drink you’d like.  I had a rum and coke, served with ice and a slice, in a nice glass, whilst relaxing upstairs!

Sky Team Lounge Layout

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team LoungeThe most important thing to remember (or know) is that this lounge is spread over 2 floors.  A lot of people either don’t know that there is an upstairs, or they don’t care, as that area was much less busy than the downstairs – although it does shut slightly earlier than the rest of the lounge (which is open from 5:00 until 22:30 by the way, which you can stay in for 3 hours).  The upstairs has the same food as downstairs, but with a little more seating, and is also home to the quiet rooms, which, if available, you can really relax in and have a power nap – although with these private rooms, who knows what else goes on in there!

The downstairs however is where most of the action is, and is also where you check in at the entrance desk (a really quick and painless process with your e-ticket, which you must have on you).  The first big room you enter (the stairs for the second level are just to the right of this room shortly after the entrance desk) is where you can find seating for the food area, with drinks being in the far right corner.  If you turn left however you can find more seating, coffee facilities, the business center and also a wellness spa (there are also shower rooms by the toilets should you need to freshen up).

Throughout the whole lounge you will also find access to free wifi.

Getting to the Sky Team Lounge

Getting to the lounge couldn’t be easier…  Once you get through the security gate just turn right and follow the terminal to gate 10 – it is just opposite this, and quite easy to spot.  After this when you want to find your way to your flight, there are monitors in the lounge which tell you when your flight is and which gate you need to head to – any problems with finding the quickest route to that gate, just ask the people at the entrance desk!

Heathrow Terminal 4 Sky Team Lounge

Who Can Use Sky Team Lounges

When you buy your ticket you need to supply them with the details of your flight.  Only people travelling on airlines which are part of the sky team membership scheme can use the lounge.  These airlines are:

  • Aeroflot
  • AeroMexico
  • AirFrance
  • Alitalia
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Delta
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • Saudia
  • Tarom
  • Vietnam Airlines

If you get the chance to use this lounge, I would HIGHLY recommend it – It really is a way to start your trip in the way you mean to go on…  In style and comfort!

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