Iberia Flight 6313 (London to San Jose)

We sadly had this airline chosen for us as part of a tour with Travelsphere to Costa Rica (with a Nicaragua add on done by road). The flight involved a change in Madrid, with the outward leg being 100% done by Iberia and the return leg being done by Iberia across the Atlantic whilst the flight between Madrid and London was done by their One World partner BA (and even this flight wasn’t great).

Now the first thing which will strike you with (not all but most of) their planes is that they are one of the only commercial carriers crossing the Atlantic with no personal entertainment screens. On each cross Atlantic flight we had 2 films, and the rest of the time is supposed to be spent sleeping – something I can’t do on flights… Bring some entertainment or this flight will take you a VERY long time.

The food to be honest wasn’t great but it was certainly not the worst we have had – such a surprise considering the rest of the details about the flight… One thing which really surprised me is that I always look forward to a snack box and this is one of the best ones I have received on a plane! Which incidentally is served while you stay in a half decent sized seat!

One final thing (although in reality it is the first thing) is the check in procedure, which was great when we were able to do it online for the return trip, however on the way out (as we were on a group ticket) we were not able to check in online and were shown towards the self-check-in desk… It only allowed us to check in one ticket at a time which meant that as a couple for the long flight across the Atlantic we were given seats really far away.

Total Travel Time: 14 hrs 15 mins

Pitch Size:  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Food: plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Check-In: plane-icon

Entertainment: plane-icon

Overall: plane-icon plane-icon

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