Icelandair Flight 455 (Heathrow to Reykjavik)

This is only a fairly short flight so there’s not too much which can go wrong.

On the way out we used the online check-in which made getting through Heathrow very quick and easy, whilst on return we used the self check-in desks at the airport – however it looked like this was the only check-in method available for Icelandair at the airport.  It was a very easy and quick way to check in, with even the luggage labels being printed for you to put on yourself before dropping the bags off.  Even though the bags took an age to get to the luggage pick up area at Heathrow, there weren’t any problems with this method.

The plane itself was not bad for what was a fairly budget flight, and the shot flight gave enough time for 1 full movie each way and perhaps a bit of a tv show – the entertainment system took a while to kick in after take off and there was a fairly long advert about Iceland too.  The entertainment selection however was pretty good and it was one of the best entertainment systems I have seen on a plane for some time – very easy to use and up to date!

For such a short flight I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again – especially as there is very little difference in price between the airlines servicing Reykjavik from London.  For a long haul flight I think I would also think about considering them, as I can image those seats being pretty comfortable for a long flight!

Total Travel Time: 4 hrs

Pitch Size:  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Food: Not sampled

Check-In: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Entertainment: plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon  plane-icon

Overall: plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon plane-icon


A lot of people enjoy going abroad without any real plans about what they will do whilst out there – however I am very much of the school of thought which says plan as much as you can and leave yourself some time for exploring (however make sure you always give yourself a chance to explore).

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    Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also.


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