Infinite Meat at Churrasco in Sydney

Looking for a quick bite to eat one night in Sydney, whilst staying at the Sydney boulevard hotel in the amazingly named area of Woolloomooloo we stumbled across churrasco just a few meters out of our hotel and to the right.  Never having had Brazilian bbq, but being a huge bbq fan we decided to pop in.

When we first decided to check it out we weren’t aware that it’s an all you can eat affair which was a nice surprise, although for English pockets $49 each seemed a little steep… That is until the food started to come out!

The way it works is a bit weird and takes a couple of minutes to get used to.  Rather than being a buffet style restaurant the waiters walk around every few minutes with new items off the grill.  To begin with you get some meat, you eat it all and you sit there thinking, man that was good… But wheres the rest!?!


After a couple of trips out by the waiters you will notice your eating speed start to slow down and they then over take you with their service speed…  However in between trips out to you from the grill you can also get sides.  When we ate here there were beans and rice –  we didn’t try either…  What we did try was option 3… Creamed potatoes with cheese….  Oh… My… God!  Those potatoes were almost the stars of the worlds best meat show!

I love bbq meat, and the amount on offer here is amazing, and such high quality too.  Make sure you don’t miss the sirloin steak and chicken rolled in bacon in particular…  And one piece of advice – don’t bother with the salad options… Save space in your belly for more meat!

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