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This post is being written on my iPad air 2, whilst I am precisely 34,003 feet above Canada travelling with a ground speed of 537 miles per hour… Whilst there is a fair bit to watch on this Delta flight to Atlanta, I don’t like to get stuck watching movies for 8 hours straight. It is nice to get your grey matter working a little, and a tablet is such a good way to do that.

Tablets (and smart phones as well of course) give you access to a plethora of activities on a plane, whether it is watching something you wanted to bring with you, reading, playing your favourite game or even writing for your blog, or working on your next novel! However if you went for the latter type of activity I always found tablets to be a pain to type on!

iPad Keyboard


I know that the key layout is the same as any other QWERTY keyboard but having worked with computers for many years I must say that I prefer the clickety-clack of real keys!

This keyboard gives you that sensation back, and to be honest the keys are all pretty smooth – admittedly actually a little nicer to work on than my laptop! For using it at night the keys are even also backlit – and it’s pretty bright too… They even give you an unnecessarily wide range of back light colours to cycle through and choose from (including various shades of green, blue, yellow, red, pink and purple). It does have a few little nuances which I do find a little annoying though, but I think this may just be a cultural difference as this product is produced in China:


• There is no £ button assigned, and the manual is tiny so am not sure if there is a way to reassign something like the $ button for example. This fact is made even more annoying when you cannot find the insert special character button on your version of Word on the iPad. – although admittedly as I type this I found that pressing the key above the 3 on this keyboard, brings up the iPad keyboard on screen, which has a £ symbol! You can even have both keyboards open at once if you want to really restrict your view of what you are doing!

• The instructions are pretty poorly written / translated so it takes a few minutes to get this thing connected via bluetooth – once you get in to your iPad settings also press the fn + c keys on the keyboard to allow your iPad to find it.

• The delete button actually works like a back space button.

• The maximum angle you can open it up to isn’t that great – ok for most sitting positions, but it would be nice to be able to open it flat or even flip it right over… On the other hand the hinge is of a decent stiffness so once you have it set up as you like it – that’s where it’s likely to stay for a while.

iPad Keyboard


Overall this keyboard is pretty easy to use & set up, and to be honest I can’t imagine taking my iPad travelling now without it. It makes writing for pleasure or business whilst on the road much easier and more natural feeling!

For the low price tag I would definitely recommend this iPad accessory… If nothing else it is a really sturdy feeling case to protect the iPad in!

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