Master chef genius at koi dessert bar, Sydney

In the 2015 season of master chef Australia, contestant to watch from week 1 was Reynold Poernomo who was billed as somewhat of a dessert genius.  His other dishes always looked good and were popular with the judges but never truly stood out…

What really got the food worlds attention was a challenge towards the end of the season where he made a coconut desert which turned out to be the first master chef dish ever to get a perfect score from all 3 judges… 10 – 10 – 10!  This has become his most famous dish and can be purchased at koi if you eat in.

Koi Desert Bar

The restaurant is split so that you can just roll up and sit downstairs (or take away), to eat desserts from his counter which are pre made and once they’re gone… They’re gone!  Alternatively you can sit upstairs which is a bit more of a formal affair where food is ordered from a menu.  For this part it is advised to pre book but to be honest the prices and portion sizes were a bit too expensive and not generous enough for my liking.  We came here purely to try some of the little desserts downstairs, and even though they aren’t cheap either, they were prices we were happy to pay.

We actually used this as a dessert stop after making our obligatory foreign stop off at McDonald’s to try their Big Mac… Sorry Reynold!

Koi Desert BarReynold by the way was also a nice guy and happy to stop after being ambushed by his van to take a photo…  My wife is a huge master chef Australia fan and was rooting for him, so she enjoyed meeting him briefly…  However that’s not why we tracked across half of sydney for…. So here’s what we ate:


At $9, these chocolate cookies topped off with dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry gel centre, all covered in a perfectly shiny dark chocolate coating, finished off with tiny rose petals, were really nice.  The dark chocolate isn’t overly sweet (I actually prefer milk chocolate) but was balanced perfectly with the sweet raspberry centre.

Mango Yuzu

These also cost $9 and are a salted almonds able overhead with mango moose and Yuzu curd (what ever that might be), and then glazed with a very shiny green outer, surrounded by a tempered dark chocolate ring.  The dish is made to look like an apple, and if you didn’t read what you were ordering, I am sure it would be a nice surprise.  I don’t like slated almond or mango so didn’t eat this but my wife is a big mango fan and loved this dessert.

White Cherry

This was actually the only dessert which I chose and at $9 too there seems to be a trend developing here!  This is a chocolate sable topped with a white chocolate mousse roll filled with cheery compote, and finished by covering with a shiny milk chocolate outer and small piece of tempered dark chocolate.  I love white chocolate and cherry so this was the perfect combination and went down an absolute treat.

It is no wonder that Koi Dessert Bar is popular and that he got so far in master chef (even though he didn’t win it – he didn’t really need to)….  All of the desserts are really well thought out and prepared to perfection.  The mousse in every case was super smooth and absolutely brimming with flavour!  Hats off to reynold, and his brother who’s as well as being a judge on master chef in Indonesia is the chef who has perfected the savoury menu…  I can see big things for this little place in the trendy eating area of Kensington street!

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