Mini Tripod with Ball Joint Head

I used this tripod whilst in Iceland to help me get some great shots of the northern lights, and if all you want is something to keep your camera steady this will perform that job for you, however the first and main thing worth mentioning is that the first line of its Amazon description is that this is “For serious photographers a good, sturdy tripod is a must have for certain photos, preventing camera movement to minimise blurring and creating a sharp, high-quality photo.”  Whilst it is true that it will help you get crisp photos, the fact that at the time of writing this it costs £3.99 with free UK delivery (which you can see & purchase here) is proof enough that its not really for serious photographers  I only got this as my large tripod was in use taking a time lapse video at work when I went away and just wanted a quick cheap alternative purely for taking Northern Lights shots.




I used this with a Nikon 3200 with 55-200mm lens, which at full zoom in particular meant that the center of gravity of this tiny tripod was just not right at all.  You cannot use an SLR camera point straight forward with this, so would be pretty much useless for anything other than taking photos which point the camera as high up as it will go.  Not only this but also the ball joint head is not that strong which means that the weigh does make it slip quite easily.

However I have also used this with a simple compact camera, which is more what this is designed for…  and for these this is absolutely perfect and you really don’t need anything more unless you want something to give your camera angle a bit more height.  This is perfect for either keeping your camera out of the dirt, straightening it up on an uneven surface or just keeping it steady for timed / remote shutter release shots, with the nicest thing being that it really is tiny so its easy to take with you anywhere, even fitting in a fairly small camera bag alongside your camera.


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