My Top 10 Burgers – Worldwide

Wonder Tree Burger - Heathrow Terminal 2

Being a huge fan of both travel and food – in particular burgers, I decided that the perfect first blog post would be my experience of the 10 best burgers I have encountered through my travels (both business and pleasure) in Europe, Asia and the Americas… Hopefully as my horizons broaden to include Australasia and Africa in the future this list will be revisited.

01 – Standard Burgers

@ Mona Verde. I had this burger in 2013 and still it is the burger all others are compared to. The meat and bun were deliciously prepared but what made it special were the onion strings and vegetables. The onion strings were deep fried in a really well seasoned batter while the veggie extras were not your usual lettuce and tomato but antipasti! I usually hate things like aubergine and courgette but nicely prepared and preserved along with peppers and sun dried tomato made for an incredible addition I’ve never encountered again since.

With all of this in mind there is also the fact that it is in Jaco, a nice little town in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, sitting outside, watching people go by in the tropical climate of central America.

B Rex @ Byron Burgers

02 – B-Rex Burger

@ Byron hamburgers. The Byron burger restaurant i use is the one in Canterbury which has a nice atmosphere, but the burgers – as they should – steal the show… And they’re pretty affordable too. This one in particular comes in a nice brioche style bun with a thick medium done beef burger. Rather than ruining it with lettuce there is cheese, an onion ring, jalapenos, bacon and sauce. You know a burger is good when you have juice flowing down your arm to a point where you have to lick it up every other bite (burger eating is no time for napkins or table manners if you ask me – and neither is pizza eating for that matter)… And these burgers have juice in droves. Best burgers in Europe. Their slogan is proper hamburgers… And quite rightly so!

Cream Soda @ Byron BurgerBy the way they wash down nicely with their cream soda and whilst the banoffee milkshake there is out of this world, its also huge and i like to save belly space for burger!

03 – Jack Daniels Burger

@ tgi Friday. For a long time this guy was the number 2, having been JUST pipped off that post by the b-rex which has a little more going on. Nevertheless this is a solid and tasty burger as it is – just like all of the burgers on the TGI menu… and to be honest there is nothing overly special about the base burger – the magic comes from the Jack Daniels element which gives it a gorgeous sweet and deep smoky flavour! If you don’t really like Jack Daniels don’t worry it doesn’t carry a huge amount of the actual flavours of this drink, but builds on some of its aromatic notes.

04 – Sweet Chilli Jam Burger (with added southern fried chicken burger)

@ chiquitos. The sweet chilli jam burger here is absolutely delicious, with a really nice and juicy beef burger, sweet peppers and not only their sweet chilli jam (which I swear is the best I have ever tasted – I could eat it as a desert) but also their chipotle mayonnaise (which is also really special and makes a great dipping sauce for chips too).

This is a truly genius mixture of spicy and sweet – however once upon a time when I was particularly peckish I decided that the single beef burger is not enough. There is an option on the menu to double up any of the burgers, however you can choose to use one of their other burgers. The southern fried chicken makes a great spiced addition to this gorgeous meal. My last time they did get the order wrong though and used the normal marinated chicken breast and to be honest it was pretty much just as delicious!

05 – Local Legendary Burger (Atlanta twist)

@ hard rock cafe Atlanta. Hard rock café sells a lot of great burgers, and one of the best things about them as that they are all huge, and look great served with a steak knife stuck in the top! When at one of these great places always try to local legendary burger as it is going to give you a nice insight in to the local flavours… the Atlanta one is top notch!

A nice big burger is always tasty when made with great beef – however one sure fire way to kick it in to high gear is by slapping a fried egg with a runny yolk on top. Just to really hit it out of the park they add a spicy dash with a Tobasco sauce slathered on top… Tobasco and egg are always a great pairing!

06 – Big Mac

@ McDonalds (amongst countries rated from best to worst – although never bad; England, Vietnam, Germany, Netherlands, France, USA, Malaysia, costa Rica). Well I like some world class burgers and I bet you didn’t think you’d find a McDonalds classic on this list – especially this high (well SPOILER ALERT – there’s actually one more further down and if it hadn’t been for the b-rex at Byron Hamburgers there’d also be the McDonalds Big Tasty on here which got knocked down to number 11)… BUT I will happily admit to being a huge lover of McDonalds and as unhealthy as it is we usually go there or KFC once a week on the shopping run after work.

Now we all know the Big Mac, so there’s really not much to say – there are 2 beautifully seasoned beef patties, shredded lettuce, diced onion, cheese, a seeded bun with an extra bread layer in the middle, and of course who could forget that ridiculously delicious special sauce!

07 – Brisket Burger

@ Burgerfi. You can choose your own toppings to go with the burgers at Burgerfi and I would recommend keeping it nice and simple as a bacon and cheese burger. However as your base go for the brisket burger which is a truly stunning piece of meat to make a burger from. Burgerfi tastes like true, simple beef and it is incredible for those gorgeous meat flavours to power through.

08 – Chicken Fillet Burger (towered up)

KFC UK (I must point out that the fillet tower burger in Iceland is horrible as parts of the chicken were purple – I know! – and it would appear that they don’t know what mayonnaise is meant to taste like). It has it all! There is of course the juicy full chicken breast coated in bread crumbs, herbs and spices which is perfectly accompanied by lettuce, sliced cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup… Nice and simple, but so effective. However this just gives you the fillet burger, and to make it on to this list it needs to be towered up! Nothing sets a chicken burger off quite like slapping a hash brown on it.

09 – Angus Steakhouse Burger

@ burger king. This started out as a special edition burger for them, but quite rightly it was added many years ago to their full menu. The burger itself is angus beef which is cooked just right on their flame grill and then topped with cheese, salad and most importantly crispy onions, which if you ask me is one of the best toppings to go on to a burger. This is a gorgeous barbeque burger which is cooked in a true steakhouse style.

10 – Cheese Burger

@ McDonalds. What can you say about the good old cheese burger at McDonalds other than that its simple but delicious. Nothing to it really other than the signature McDonalds 100% beef patty, which quite frankly is always seasoned to perfection, diced onion, cheese slice and tomato sauce on a nice soft bun… Only complaint is its too small – I can eat these one after another!

These come in different levels with the single being the best… It had the perfect beef to cheese to bun ratio however the next one up is the double cheese burger which is also pretty good but always a little greasier than the single. Finally in Costa Rica I had a triple cheese burger which quite frankly was fat in a wrapper!

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  1. Really interesting blog, It seems to me that you and your wife just love visiting places where you come face to face with the local culture, plus hands on with nature, I hope, in your subsequent bogs you will give us an insight into the things that you have experienced on a day to day basis in the places that you have visited. Great about the burgers.

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