My Worldwide Zoo Visit List

My biggest passions alongside travel are animals, wildlife, conservation and the zoos which make much of that work possible…  I have been lucky enough to visit a lot of zoos, and to do so all around the world!  On this page you will find the full list of zoos which I have visited over the years and hopefully as time goes on I will be linking them all to reviews.  For the benefit of this post I will be using the term zoo as an umbrella term to cover zoos, safari parks, wildlife parks, rescue centers which allow access for a charge and museums with live exhibits.  Not all of them have been good, but the VAST majority of them are good, and most of those have been an absolute pleasure to visit.

Bronx Zoo

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “you go to a lot of zoos – do you really think we need them?”

The short answer is Yes!  However to go in to a little more depth, the standard of zoos around the world has increased dramatically, even just fairly recently in some cases.  It is not always the case that animals are kept in tiny cages behind thick iron bars…  I must admit that there are still some zoos which lag behind and where this is the case, however it’s not always third world zoos like you might expect!  I have seen zoos even in Vietnam put some in the USA and France to shame!  However for the most part, don’t let these exceptions put you off.


Zoos do a huge amount for conservation and science, not to mention helping people (especially kids) around the world, fall in love with the nature that does or should surround them!  But they do need visitors to be able to continue all this great work.  I have seen zoos around the world, as you can see below, and I am a true believer that a world without zoos would be a much poorer planet, so long as we ensure that zoos are held accountable for their animals and the way they treat them.

Number of Zoos Visited:
Zoo NameCountryRegion
Sealife SydneyAustraliaAustralasia
Adelaide ZooAustraliaAustralasia
Australian Museum Living CollectionAustraliaAustralasia
Koala HospitalAustraliaAustralasia
Melbourne ZooAustraliaAustralasia
Dreamworld Gold CoastAustraliaAustralasia
Billabong Koala Wildlife ParkAustraliaAustralasia
Phillip Island Koala Conservation CenterAustraliaAustralasia
Phillip Island Wildlife ParkAustraliaAustralasia
Taronga ZooAustraliaAustralasia
Wildlife Sydney ZooAustraliaAustralasia
Australia ZooAustraliaAustralasia
Cleland Wildlife ParkAustraliaAustralasia
Healesville SanctuaryAustraliaAustralasia
Zoo AntwerpenBelgiumEurope
Refugio HerpetologicoCosta RicaThe Americas
Zoo PrahaCzech RepublicEurope
ZooParc de TregomeurFranceEurope
La Ferme aux CrocodilesFranceEurope
Zoo Fauverie du Mont-FaronFranceEurope
Parc Animalier de Sainte-CroixeFranceEurope
Espace Zoologique du BouyFranceEurope
Espace Zoologique de st Martin la PlaineFranceEurope
Zoo de LyonFranceEurope
Leipzig ZooGermanyEurope
Zoo BerlinGermanyEurope
Chemnitz ZooGermanyEurope
Hannover ZooGermanyEurope
Sealife BerlinGermanyEurope
Cologne ZooGermanyEurope
Muenster Allwetter ZooGermanyEurope
Zoo HeidelbergGermanyEurope
Zoo Der MinisGermanyEurope
Zoo DortmundGermanyEurope
Berlin TierparkGermanyEurope
Duisburg ZooGermanyEurope
Zoom ErlebnisweltGermanyEurope
Reykjavik Family Park & ZooIcelandEurope
Chennai Snake ParkIndiaAsia
Madras Crocodile BankIndiaAsia
Chennai Childrens ZooIndiaAsia
Singapore River SafariSingaporeAsia
Singapore ZooSingaporeAsia
Jurong Bird ParkSingaporeAsia
Singapore Night SafariSingaporeAsia
Bern ZooSwitzerlandEurope
Burgers ZooThe NetherlandsEurope
Amersfoort ZooThe NetherlandsEurope
Artis MagistraThe NetherlandsEurope
ApenheulThe NetherlandsEurope
Stichting AAPThe NetherlandsEurope
Shepreth Wildlife ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Marwell ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Wingham Wildlife ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Woburn Safari ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Cotswold Wildlife Park & GardensUnited KingdomEurope
Colchester ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Chessington World of AdventuresUnited KingdomEurope
Newforest Reptile CentreUnited KingdomEurope
Paignton ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Paradise Wildlife ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Chessington World of AdventuresUnited KingdomEurope
Poole Aquarium & SerpentariumUnited KingdomEurope
Port Lympne Wild Animal ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Rare Species Conservation CenterUnited KingdomEurope
Wildwood TrustUnited KingdomEurope
Howletts Wild Animal ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Eagle HeightsUnited KingdomEurope
Blue Reef Aquarium - PortsmouthUnited KingdomEurope
Sealife LondonUnited KingdomEurope
Birdland Park & GardensUnited KingdomEurope
Whipsnade Wild Animal ParkUnited KingdomEurope
Dudley ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Drusillas ParkUnited KingdomEurope
London ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Twycross ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Tilgate Nature CenterUnited KingdomEurope
Thrigby Hall Wildlife GardensUnited KIngdomEurope
The Tropical ZooUnited KingdomEurope
Leeds Castle AviariesUnited KingdomEurope
The Monkey JungleUSAThe Americas
Gator ParkUSAThe Americas
St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological ParkUSAThe Americas
Georgia AquariumUSAThe Americas
Miami ZooUSAThe Americas
Zoo AtlantaUSAThe Americas
Philadelphia ZooUSAThe Americas
The Bronx ZooUSAThe Americas
Smithsonian Natural History Museum Bug ExhibitUSAThe Americas
Luray ZooUSAThe Americas
Seaworld - OrlandoUSAThe Americas
Discovery CoveUSAThe Americas
Smithsonian National ZooUSAThe Americas
Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue CenterVietnamAsia
Cat Tien Bear and Wildcat Rescue StationVietnamAsia
Saigon Zoological ParkVietnamAsia
Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species CentreVietnamAsia

Zoo count so far = 101

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