Some Real American Treats

When you visit the USA be sure to try some real American treats – I’m not talking about going out for a greasy dinner that’s so good yet so high in fat and sugar that you’ll get close to having a heart attack…  I mean trying some American sweets or drinks!  Many of these can be purchased in the UK… but beware, they will cost you an arm and a leg over here!

Jolly Rancher

They do various types, but the best ones are the original flavour hard candies.  This packet will come with green apple, cherry, watermelon, grape and blue raspberry flavours.  The texture is a bit weird – I prefer a hard sweet which you can crunch, but these are quite sticky, making that a little bit difficult if you try before sucking on them for a while.

American Treats

The flavours are intense , very sweet and down right delicious…  However, they do taste ridiculously artificial!  If you like artificial fruit flavours (especially the watermelon and grape ones) and a huge level of sugars (6%), then these are right up your street!

Arizona Iced Teas

These come in huge 680ml cans which are a real handful!  I tried the sweet iced tea, which is pretty good but for my taste firstly not quite sweet enough and secondly I like a little bit of fruit flavour in there (like the lipton ice tea range).

I also however tried the half & half option which (as well as having 33% less calories) is half iced tea and half lemonade.  This option is quite a bit sweeter and of course it has that fruity flavour I like.  The lemonade is quite sour, which I thought was actually a nice touch, and (even though I was expecting the opposite) this is still an uncarbonated drink.

American Treats

The tea they use is a mixture of black teas, which is brewed in filtered water, which adds a really nice, deep tea flavour!


If you have seen many American films, these are often featured – for example in Zombieland the Twinkie is a coveted food item which seemingly lasts for ever in its packaging – although I wouldn’t put this to the test!

Twinkies are essentially a small sponge cake – and to be honest its not even that tasty, and has a texture which is fairly sticky and feels almost like its about to go stale.  Then it is pumped with 3 squirts of cream which is quite akin to marshmallow…  which once again is a little artificial tasting.

However, even though the taste is nothing special and the texture leads to a less than perfect eating experience…  It is a pretty enjoyable treat and for some reason once you have one, you just have to have another.  Also for a British national this is a treat which is pretty well known, especially due to its media references so you almost feel like you have to try them…  So don’t miss out!

American Treats

Space Food

So you can probably buy this in a number of countries, and I know that in the UK a number of novelty and gadget online shops stock this.  However, the space food produced by American Outdoor Products is prepared and packaged in much the same way as the stuff astronauts eat, and of course it is proudly produced in the USA!

Now I use the treat very loosely here!  It’s a treat because most of us would love the opportunity to try astronaut food – But!  The flavours aren’t overly nice, it’s hard and the general texture of the stuff is pretty awful!  You can buy it at numerous museums in the USA, and if you see it, do try it – plus it makes a pretty cool USA trip souvenir.

American Treats 03Bugles

Americans have a pretty eclectic selection of crisps (or chips as they are referred to here – which is always a bit confusing for travelling Britons), and these are quite a strange one.  They are not made from potato like most crisps…  Nor are they a tortilla chip (which is what I was expecting).  They are however, a yellow corn meal snack, which is very light, super crunchy and the original one (which is what I tried) tastes more like a salty breakfast cereal than a crisp snack.

100 Grand

Now with a name like that, you’re expecting something pretty good.  It is described as chewy caramel $ (no that’s not a spelling mistake on my behalf) milk chocolate $ crispy crunchies…  I was expecting basically a toffee crisp but the caramel is really chewy and stretchy…  it doesn’t make for a particularly nice eating experience.

Ding Dongs

This is made by the same people who make twinkies, and that really shows when you get to the center, which I was expecting to be cream but turned out to9 be a nice sticky marshmallow!  The cake itself is a nice soft chocolate sponge, covered in a thin chocolate layer…  All in all a great little cake which I was pleasantly surprised to find had none of the texture problems you get with the twinkie!

American Treats


These now come in a myriad of flavours with the original one being strawberry, but now also available as liquorice, cherry, dr pepper and all sorts of others!  They are basically a strawberry lace and as such pretty chewy and taste just as artificial…  To be honest I really don’t see the appeal, but they are a huge seller, and my wife absolutely loves them!

American Treats

Mountain Dew

If you have seen the film Taladega Nights you will remember one of Ricky Bobbies kids being all “jacked up on Mountain Dew” and to be honest I think if you fed this to your kids they will be absolutely (possibly even literally) bouncing off the walls!  I have no idea what flavour this drink is supposed to be…  The only approximation I can make is sugar flavoured with a little citrus , with these 2 flavours most likely stemming from the orange juice, and then the main ingredient – high fructose corn syrup!

This drink contains a ridiculous amount of sugar – 65g in a 500ml bottle… I have a bottle of Coca Cola sat next to me here – a drink which is world renowned for containing way too much sugar to be good for you.  However, over here the coke comes in a 591ml bottle which has 65g as well.  So Mountain Dew is even more sugary than coke!

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