Telescopic Snake Hook

For most people this will be a completely useless tool, however for people like me, with a keen interest in reptiles, this is a must have travel accessory!

The nice thing about this hook is that when it is pushed together it is a mere 18 cm long, so easily fits in my camera bag (or just a trouser pocket for that matter).  However if you work with snakes you will know that an 18 cm hook is less than useless and as such it extends to 66 cm long, which is much more practical.  The movement is quite stiff, which is good because it stops it collapsing on itself whilst in use!

It does have a couple of downers however.  The main one is that even though it is great to have such a space saving hook, there is only so much you can do with a 66 cm hook, and due to its structural strength I wouldn’t recommend using this with long or heavy set snakes.

Telescopic Snake HookRemember that this is not just a tool to help you catch a snake. If you can avoid moving snakes that is always the best option, but this tool is also really useful for moving foliage and other obstacles when safely looking for snakes or trying to set up for a photo.

So to close, would I use this as an every day hook? No…  Would I use it if I was going out on a dedicated and serious herping trip? No…  Am I glad I purchased it?  Absolutely!  This is a great little accessory to just have on you when ever and where ever you are – just in case you might need it!

After all…  it does only cost a fraction more than your average can of energy drink these days…  It can’t NOT be worth that tiny investment!

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