Visit the Beautiful ZooParc de Tregomeur

There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautifully landscaped zoos I have ever been to! They take a lot of inspiration from Asian landscaping and architecture, which fits with much of their collection which features Asian animals heavily (although there are also some European, American and African animals). It uses statues and plants really well, especially a huge amount of bamboo making plenty of natural barriers.  The way the park is set out is a bit annoying at times because there are lots of long winding paths which on the map look like they lead to the same area, but thats not always the case…  The map can be quite deceiving because you don’t get a sense of the massive hill the first half or so of the park is set on!

Tregomeur Zoo

The Animals

The mixture of animals here is not necessarily the most diverse or impressive, however between sun bears, flamingos, snow leopards, red pandas and tigers, they have the usual suspects and as such will keep the average zoo goer more than happy!

Tregomeur Zoo

The best things for me however were the selection of island exhibits at the base of the hill.  These housed a variety of lemurs and gibbons.  This is always a great way to show off these amazing primates and I love seeing them on islands, but the way they do it here is so natural and clean that it looks even better than normal!

Tregomeur Zoo

Another unexpected highlight, and definately something to look out for was when we saw a wild beaver making a break for it back to the river running along the perimeter of the zoo!

To Sum Up…

We did not eat here but all of the eating areas looked really nice.

Tregomeur Zoo

All in all a very clean and enjoyable zoo… it just felt like perhaps they didn’t make the best use of the space and that there is a lot of room for adding more animals in the future – something I hope they will do, to make this an even better place to visit.

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