Weird Vegas – The real Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a place like no other in the world!  When they call it sin city, they’re not kidding…. It seems to be the city where everything goes.  Whether you want to lose all your money gambling, shoot a sniper rifle, drink an 88oz daiquiri or or eat the most calorific burger in the world (Guinness world records certified), this is the holiday location for you!

When you walk down the strip it’s hard to imagine what other jobs the citizens of Las Vegas might have but to see to the every want and need of tourists.  It really feels like a place which purely exists to entertain, but with this comes some pretty weird occurrences:

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

No such thing as private relief

For men, it’s not such a huge problems if you just need to pee, but if your toilet needs are more solid, or you’re a woman, it seems like they don’t want to give you any privacy!  I first noticed this in Harrah’s casino where the stalls, with the doors shut have a half inch or so gap all the way around…. As you sit there, you can see everyone walking past and likewise you can walk past and see what ever is going on inside…. I’m really not used to this!

Sex sells… itself

As I said they call this sin city, and nowhere is this clearer than the booming sex industry.  There are tons of strip shows, adult stores and in the evenings where ever you walk, there are people with business cards…. They slap them together to get your attention and then try to force them in your hands, even if you’re walking down the strip with your wife…. But these aren’t just any old business cards, they are advertising prostitutes.

On the card will be a photo (probably nothing to do with the woman you’re hoping to get by using this card), a phone number and even a price.  We saw cards with anything from $40 to $99.  They don’t hand these out during the day but there are news paper dispensers along the streets, just they they don’t sell news papers, they hold prostitute flyers.  There are even vans with billboards saying “Girls Direct 2 U.”

Dirty hands criminals

We all know that after you go to the toilet you should wash your hands.  It’s good hygiene not just for yourself but also for others.  You shouldn’t get a bit of pee or some poo particles on your fingers and then handle cash and press buttons on a slot machine!  However we saw signs in toilets which stated that Nevada state law requires you to wash your hands!  As gross as it is not to do so, does it really need to be an actual crime!

Gambling your house away

Gambling is HUGE in Vegas… that’s the sole reason for many people coming here, however it is so easy and accessible here that many people come to Vegas and never return because they gamble all of their savings away.  It’s an amazing place but if you check the research it’s sad to see how many lives are ruined in this city.

Gambling in las Vegas

Nazi memorabilia exchange

I’m not sure how it stands with the USA as a whole or if it just goes for Nevada, but if your come to the UK and start buying and selling nazi memorabilia, you will soon find yourself in pretty muddy waters.  However we went to an antiques shop (just down the road from the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop) where they had loads of cool and weird stuff, but then there was a small section where I first spotted some KKK poker chips next to some nazi ones amongst other little nazi trinkets.

Pikachu hangs with slutty cops in Las Vegas

The most common place for this is in the Fremont experience area at night, however all over the strip and to some extent, all the time you can find people in various fancy dress trying to get you to give them a tip in return for taking a photo with them.  The epitome of how weird this mix can be was outside our hotel where you had two women in very small police uniforms chatting to a couple of Pokemon!  Other dressed up hopefuls looked like Robert Deniero, Princess Leia, Power Rangers, Halo characters, Minnie Mouse, Johnny Depp, Cat Woman (a fair few of these), Spider Man and lots of Las Vegas show girls!

Are you fat enough to eat for free?

Thanks to the Heart Attack Grill, which is so popular that it has 2 restaurants in Las Vegas, there is even a place where people weighing over 350 pounds can eat all day, every day (if they wanted to), for free.  They have to take it 1 half pound burger at a time, but can also have fries – fried with lard and full butter cream milk shakes…  You won’t find a more appropriately named restaurant anywhere!


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