Where To Eat in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has a great selection of eateries for just about every time of the day, and for pretty much any kind of cuisine you might be in the mood for.  We spent almost  week in Reykjavik, with these being some of our favourites places to eat!

Chuck Norris Grill

Laugavegur 30

This is a cool concept with funny lines on the walls as well as chuck Norris themed foods… There is also a pretty well stocked “chilli bar”.

I had the chuck burger with added bacon and egg… If you want a messy heart attack in a bun, order this! It tasted pretty good but not sure if id go as far as saying its one of the best burgers ever… Certainly worth going here if you just want a nice greasy burger (which isn’t a bad thing)!

Reykjavik Food

Hot Dog House

Ingolfstorg Square

Icelanders love their hot dogs and considering they come from the usa, this one (the Iceland classic) was better than any i had in new York! Have it with everything and see if you can keep all 3 sauces inside the thing when you eat it! Super lunch spot… Cant decide what was better though, this one or its sub sandwich neighbor (see below)! Stop off and have both – then see if you can make up your own mind!


Ingolfstorg Square

They sell “boats” here, and i guess they mean subs, but this aside they make some of the best subs I’ve had.

My wife had the ham boat which is really good, the cheese is melted between the ham on a griddle making a great flavour… I don’t usually like much “green stuff” on my sandwiches and burgers which this had… But its all nice pickled stuff so worked really well. I on the other hand had the new York boat… This is the one for you if you like onion! It has fried onion cooked under the beef on a griddle with crispy onions too. The flavors don’t over power the sauce though and the beef is thin but really tender.


Suourlandsbraut 12

The service was friendly and quick with the pizzas being delicious when they came out… You can tell they use good quality ingredients not only from the great flavours but also because all the time they are open you can see people going in to eat or turning up to pickup take away.  My wife had the calzone, which came with a dipping marinara sauce, whilst I had the pepperoni – the best topping you can stick on a pizza!

The prices are also very reasonable.


Tryggvagata 20

This is a nice and friendly restaurant with a love for rock music as seen by the decor and tv screen showing music videos.

The vip platter is a good starter when shared and i had one of the burgers which was really simple in terms of ingredients (with a delicious juicy beef burger inside) but the sauce really kicked it in to high gear. My wife’s sandwich was also really tasty, both coming with delicious thick cut chips.

Whilst the service and price were great they did bring the mains out well before we finished the starter which means we couldn’t enjoy it as much or let the starter settle a bit, and my wife had to phone me when the toilet door handle fell off locking her inside!  However all in all a great place for dinner.

Cafe Paris

Austurstraeti 14

This was busy and we went in based on that… Its very central with good prices so can see why it is popular… Especially with families.

I must say not much appealed to me on the menu but my wife’s arctic char looked and tasted delicious. To put together something for me i had the bread basket which we shared and super nachos from the light bites menu… This is no light bite, its massive. I have a huge appetite and could nit finish it… Its more like a starter for a family of 4… Delicious though.

Service was quick and polite so all in all a good place to grab dinner… One down side are the toilets – i have seen cleaner toilets at the end of the night in most pubs and night clubs.

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