Jaco Wildlife Tours, Costa Rica

Jaco is a place for surfers and older American gentlemen who retire there with younger Costa Ricans or to see the surfer gals!  It is a great and lively little place with an amazing beach.  However it is also pretty close to some great wildlife.  Make sure that you go out of your way to take in the natural beauty just a short drive away from the noisy beer soaked streets of Jaco!

We joined a couple of tours whilst in the area:

Rainforest Adventures, Jaco

The first of the 2 tours I will mention is the Rainforest Adventures tour to see the canopy from a tram.

Rainforest Adventure Jaco

It doesn’t help that I am scared of heights as I went here feeling quite anxious.  However, the one thing I can say about this place is that once you are on the tram and settled in you do feel quite secure up there! However that’s about where the positives ended for me.

Each tram takes 6 people plus a guide, and I must say that our guide was not great (either on the tram or while walking us around the rest of the grounds).  He knew what he was talking about and his English was OK but his delivery style was bland and i lost interest very quickly. Also pretty much the only animals we saw were White faced Capuchin.  The problem of these trams is that you see them and keep moving so you do not get time to enjoy the animals… The only thing you enjoy is a nice view on the way back down.

Rainforest Adventure Jaco

A good try

It is valiant what they have done with old plantation land and a hill side unsuitable for other development but for me it really wasn’t worth the money AT ALL! We didn’t realise that we were getting a tour of the grounds after which was a bonus as we thought we would get some more value out of the money. However in fact we just got very hot and I really wasn’t too impressed with the snake enclosures… They need to take a look at what the serpentarium in Monteverde are doing!

But I wanted more

I honestly wish that we had spent our last morning in Costa Rica doing something a little more enjoyable… To be honest even a walk along Jaco beach would have been a better way to end our holiday – at least that would have been free of charge.

Crocodile Man Tour, Jaco

We did a 17 day tour around Costa Rica (with 3 in Nicaragua) and nowhere else could boast a tour as good as this one! If you are in the Jaco area you are depriving yourself if you pass this by! From what we did (and you can see from my reviews that I did a fair bit in that time), this was the BEST money I spent the whole time.

Crocodile Man Tour Jaco

So much wildlife

We did this at the end of our holiday and it really was a summary of our whole trip – we saw a variety of birds and reptiles, with something new being pointed out every minute (literally), unlike other boat trips where you may see a glimpse of a humming bird once every 15 minutes. The amount of wildlife on this river is insane! There were even a few other treats like Roseated Spoonbills which we had not seen before. If you like birds this tour is a must for you….

Crocodile Man Tour Jaco

…And if you like Crocodiles you are in for a HUGE treat! We must have seen about 60 Crocodiles on this tour and our boat driver even got out and hand fed 2 of these which was a really fun addition to the tour. Some of the bigger crocs even have names and some fun stories which go with them. The biggest croc on the river for example has been named Osama Bin Laden, with the tour guide explaining that they chose that name because he is always hiding.

Crocodile Man Tour Jaco

Amazing people

The tour guide was absolutely brilliant! He made the whole experience fun and was really informative – what else could you possibly want!

Crocodile Man Tour Jaco

The biggest tip about this place though is that if you are staying in Jaco and want to buy some gifts, wait until you come on this tour. They have a restaurant and gift shop – the shop has a good selection and is literally half the price of the ones in Jaco!  Don’t deprive yourselves of this amazing tour and click here to book with them!

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