XCSource HD1080p Action Camera Review

This is a review for the incredibly low priced XCSource HD1080p action sports camera – however I think it could also be for the DBPower EX5000, Anart HD Sports Action Camera, Geekpro 4.0 HD1080p, Lightdow LD6000, Lightdow LD4000, ASX ActionPro, Geekpro 1 Full HD, Campark Ultrathin 4k, InstaBox Voyage SV5000, Blusmart Pro CS710, Wespire Sports Action Camera 2.0, Anex Action Camera, SportShot 1080p, GooKit HD1080p, Black Box DareDVL 2.0…  Believe it or not I could actually even go on but I’m sure you get the picture!  All of these cameras look 100% identical and have exactly the same stats.  I am fairly sure it’s safe to say that they are the same cheap Chinese GoPro rip off, with different names printed on the front of the camera and the packaging!

However…!  Don’t let that put you off…  Yes they are cheap – but that saving gets passed on to you!  Sure it’s no GoPro Hero 4, and the graphics (from what I can see, as sadly I can’t afford to get and test a GoPro) aren’t as good, but when you compare the price of just shy of £100 including a full accessories pack for the XCSource to the £400 for a GoPro Hero 4 with none of the trimmings – the quality you get isn’t just 25% worth of the “big boy”.


Below is a test footage video filmed in various locations and scenarios using this camera, along with some of its accessories (many of which are well worth the investment):

As you can see, generally speaking the quality of the footage in day light conditions (when the light doesn’t change too much or too rapidly) is really nice and bright, as well as being nice and clear.  It does struggle a little when the light conditions change rapidly, as you can see from one of the dash cam sections and in those cases to be honest those sections of your road trip really won’t be worth showing off to anyone.  If you have a nice open bit of road on the other hand, it makes for an incredible little dash cam (especially if you buy the dash cam mount accessory).  The only problem with using it as a dash cam is that you really need to plug it in while in use – It only really lasts about half an hour when recording…  However with a decent micro SD card you can get pretty decent video lengths on there with a few battery changes.  I was getting about 3 minutes per 280Mb.

The camera quality is by far the best when being used without the waterproof case.  Especially when it is a little wet outside (as you can see in the rain and spray part of the video), you do sometimes get a little round reflection around the edges of the frame (in the video it shows most on the left hand side).

The only other down side for the video recordings is that it does look quite shaky when you’re using things such as the dash mount or a selfie stick.  There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of image stabilization in the actual camera itself, and it can be taken out a little in post production but then you do lose a little of the size of the image and thus quality…  It’s up to you which you want to sacrifice.  In the video above there is no post production at all, other than compiling the footage – the footage you see there is the raw footage straight from the camera.

Now to sum up the video side of it – if you’re happy to have lower quality than a GoPro, but still let’s face it – some pretty decent footage and don’t mind maybe playing about a little in post production, there is really no reason why you should over look this little gem!  The price gives you HUGE bang for your buck!

XCSource Photo Test


XCSource Photo Test

HOWEVER, as you can see above, I must admit that generally speaking the photo side of it does let it down a little, so don’t take this out hoping to take some great pictures, stick to just using this for the video and keep your mobile phone on hand for photos…  Especially when you have the waterproof case on it – the button is then very stiff and the whole thing gets pushed down when you click the photo shutter release.

XCSource Photo Test

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    1. Even though I also have a gopro hero4 session (which is a much better camera), i do still use this from time to time, such as when 1 camera just wont do… I cant afford 2 gopros lol

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